*Finally after preaching false prophecies and losing the millions of followers, Harold Camping might be throwing in the towel.

The Family Radio founder and preacher predicted the arrival of the rapture at least four times since his rise to fame.

This year, he told Christians that Jesus was coming back on May 21. When nothing happened, he corrected himself and said it would happen on Oct. 21. And again, it didn’t happen.

So his business, the Family Radio organization, stopped airing the announcements on its website and over the radio waves. And now it seems like his business is going under.

Brandon Tauszik, a documentarian who has been attending Camping’s church for eight months, told the Christian Post that Camping has said he’s stepping down.

Tauszik also said that Camping has changed his views on whether it’s possible to predict the exact date of the end of the world. He now stresses the importance of always being ready for God’s judgment.