*The James Brown estate is in trouble right now, even after being rescued from its $20 million debt. A professional money manager worked a miracle and transformed the massive debt into a college scholarship fun for poor students. But the arrangement wasn’t all clean.

Ousted trustees, Adele Pope and Robert Buchanan have filed a brief with the South Carolina Supreme because they weren’t a part of the decision making process, simply because they did not agree.

The deal, however, was overseen by the state attorney general at the time to sort of calm the family fighting after the icon’s death in 2006.

According to reports, currently half of Brown’s assets now go to a trust, a quarter to his widow and her young son, and the rest go to his grown children.

But court documents say the trustees failed to appraise Brown’s estate, paid themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars from the estate, and claimed $5 million in fees.

Court hearings are set for Tuesday.