*Kandi Burruss is not stopping her career growth and life for anyone. She recently got herself hooked up with a new man, but it wasn’t easy.

“I have met someone that I’m really in to. It’s really hard when you’re working a lot, you’re single, you’re a parent and you’re trying to date because you don’t have that much free time. But you don’t want to be single forever, so you still want to work in that quality time. It’s not easy but it’s necessary.”

And being an entrepreneur and dating is a challenge. She explained in an Essence interview that business must come before the man until she or any woman is married.

“I feel like a lot of times men are more successful than us because they always put their stuff first,” she said. “If we’re all caught up in a dude, we’re like, ‘Oh, you know I don’t want to leave.’ We’re going to do everything so we can keep catering to this man and slack off in our business. Guys tell us, ‘Look baby I gotta get this money,’ and we understand. Well ladies, you gotta take that same type of mentality and he just has to understand that you gotta do what you gotta do and that you’ll be back.”

The Kandi girl was asked about her new show on Bravo, “The Kandi Factory.”

“Well, the first episode is a special and they are going to green-light the series depending on the ratings. I’m excited, reality TV is fun and everything, but it’s something I do on the side. ‘The Kandi Factory’ is actually going to show people what I do for a living: music. It’s similar to what I did for Kim, where I take somebody people didn’t really consider to be an “artist” and help them have a real song.”

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