Kim Kardashian walks through LAX before boarding her flight to Atlanta. (Nov. 8, 2011)

*Kim Kardashian is in the ATL today to begin shooting her part in Tyler Perry’s upcoming film “The Marriage Counselor,” ironically eight days after she filed for divorce from husband Kris Humphries after 72 days.

Kardashian has been cast not as Ava, the friend and coworker of marriage counselor Jurnee Smollett who starts an affair with a client and complicates her life. Ava steps in to provide support and a much-needed makeover.

Though Perry fans are not too happy about the casting. Many have taken to the filmmaker’s website to air their disapproval publicly (though, in most cases, respectfully), notes The Hollywood Reporter.

“I am a huge fan and I’ve seen everything Tyler Perry,” wrote user Gee. “Have to say I don’t understand the reason for casting KK in your upcoming film. Personally, I am sick to death of her being glorified for nothing more than having sex on camera. She doesn’t need the money and she certainly doesn’t need any more attention. And, although I still support you, I won’t be contributing one dime to anything with K. Kardashian in it.”

Kim Kardashian picks up some pain killers and Claritin before catching her flight to Atlanta at LAX. (Nov. 8, 2011)

Another commenter, Lisa, said, “Mr. Perry, You are truly a talent and inspiration to all minorities , and your movies are ones anyone who has grown up ” hard” can relate to. So sir thank you for your many gifts of entertainment. Yet I feel your casting is off when Kim K was hired to be a part of your cast. In my opinion she is the wrong person to speak or act regarding marriage. There are far more deserving actors out there who could really use the work… Please sir consider another choice in casting this character. Thank You Again… And God Bless…”

Though Robert got a little more aggressive, saying, “Are you really going to keep Kim K. in your movie? Will be organizing a nationwide boycott of all things Tyler Perry if this is true.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, there were over 15 pages of comments specifically relating to Kardashian.