Jerome Elliot 'El-Jay' Woods Jr.

*Jerome Elliot ‘El-Jay’ Woods Jr. is making a leap into the music industry as a new and emerging artist following his multi-platinum artist father, Rome. Now he has earned the right to be called an artist and musician. With idolizing the late Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men and Tevin Campbell he is on his way to being an all around artist. He is striving to be one of the best with his debut album, “TMA: The Main Attraction,” which is scheduled for a release around New Years.

Woods was born in Northridge, CA in a world of entertainment and music. At a young age, he taught himself how to dance to one of musical inspirations, Michael Jackson. “I was at my babysitter’s house and watching Michael Jackson on TV and I just started to move and doing different dance moves,” he said.

But that was only the beginning of what he had planned for his career. He began acting at a young age on the Disney Channel in shows such as Sonny with a Chance and Hannah Montana. He said, “The experience of being on camera and working with Miley was great and I really enjoyed it.”

With his previous work in acting and modeling, Woods now wants to bring his singing ability to the world. He feels that to be in this industry, you need to be an all around non-cocky personality to compete with all the artists. “I want to do what makes you an individual that stands out from the rest of the competition,” he expressed.

Being a new artist in the industry, he wants to show something different as far as an artist and a person. He expresses himself as a loveable guy who loves meeting new people  and experience new things and he plans to take that attitude with his music. “It’s all about hard work and the people that you surround yourself around that can make or break you,” he said.

Woods has been experiencing new things in his career as he is working with producers that are not publicly known and he wants to bring various genres of music all in his debut album. He continued about how he wants to bring pop, R&B and soul all together on this album. With his positive attitude and determination, Woods main goal is to broaden his talents in the film industry as well as reaching the Y-generation through positive music.

The first single, the melodically smooth and upbeat track, “Next To You” is also available on iTunes. Click on the link below:

Next To You

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