*We all grew up with that person folks requested to sing any and everywhere; school, church, on the block, in the middle of your Uncle’s birthday cookout, it seems like “Sing a little something for us” was always the next thing said. Around Ft. Worth, Texas that person was a young man named Nuwamba, he took all of that encouragement and began plotting The Unusual Takeover. Nuwamba is a son of Soul music taking aim at radio and your iPod with a barrage of what we all grew up on and if his new single “Unusual” is any indication, he’s accomplished his mission.

The release of Above the Water in 2006 came just as the music industry was entering a shift in sound and in the marketplace, a shift that continues to evolve today, but is playing into Nuwamba’s favor as he’s able to control his sound and his team market him to those waiting for something soulful. Writing from experience and observation of the world around him, Nuwamba wants to deliver it how he sees it in his perfect pitch, but as honest to the culture as possible. His musical voice is one that’s missing from the conversation, because he’s writing for those in the struggle, those dealing with the “Same Ol’, Same Ol’”, a song he attests is hood tested and approved.

He’s attempting to connect with the people through his music, through the red tape and bureaucracies of radio, because he feels what we’re hearing today for the most part is not reaching the people where they need it, the soul. He’s put together a few grooves based on a true story, somebody’s true story, that he and his team feels deserves to be in heavy rotation on your favorite station or on your iPod. Sort of how “Unusual” was born out a conversation with a friend about situations they’ve been in, that’s real talk, real life, real music.

About the writer

Between rhetoric and reality is where you’ll find Al-Lateef Farmer; Black man, husband, social documentarian, and slinger of Soul by the pound. His brand of social commentary, rooted in independent thought can be found at and on Twitter @wrldacrdng2teef.