*Fresh from her sick bed, Rihanna is back in the studio and tweeting photos of herself in front of the tracklist for her sixth studio album “Talk that Talk.”

Just three weeks away from release, the singer revealed 15 songs set to appear on the CD. According to the pic, 11 of the songs are completed and ready to mix while four titles are still in the process of being cut: “Fool in Love,” “Where Have You Been,” “Do Ya Thang” and “Birthday Cake.”

While special guests were not mentioned on the tracklist tweet, the song written in the photo as “Saxon” was reportedly written by Nicki Minaj. Answering a fan’s question about the track, Rihanna tweeted: “Saxon is the name of the beat itself!!! We had it for yrs, finally wrote sum cray to it, and its entitled RedLipstick #TTT.”

Here’s the tweeted tracklisting:

1. ‘We Found Love’
2. ‘You the One’
3. ‘Watch and Learn’
4. ‘Roc Me Out’
5. ‘Cockiness’
6. ‘Talk That Talk’
7. ‘Answer’
8. ‘Drunk on Love’
9. ‘Farewell’
10. ‘We All Want Love’
11. ‘Saxon/Red Lipstick’
12. ‘Fool in Love’
13. ‘Where Have You Been’
14. ‘Do Ya Thang’
15. ‘Birthday Cake’