*Very well accomplished British-Zimbabwean actress, Thandie Newton is taking no prisoners after she revealed how it really is in Hollywood. She told the Belfast Telegraph that the industry is a two-faced, with double standards and is overflowing with racism.

“Don’t get me started on Black people being on the cover on big magazines. It’s so preposterous. I mean, I’ve been on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar four times; I’ve been on the cover of In Style four times, but Vogue, not once,” she railed in the interview.
“And people say to me, I mean literally, people have said to me, ‘What have you got against Vogue that you don’t want to be on their cover?’ And I just laugh.”

Despite the beauty gracing the cover of several magazines, she’s not blind to the truth.

“They [Vogue] don’t feel the need to represent because it doesn’t make any sense to them. It’s just baffling to me, but as usual America will dictate the way things go and a magazine like Vogue will just follow America,” she said. “But it’s like, don’t you want to trail blaze?”

Marginalization and racism has been more than a topic for discussion in her life. It’s been a reality and has possibly stood in the way of an even more successful career.

“I remember this guy came up to me once, an actor whose name I won’t mention, but a Black British actor came up and said, ‘Congratulations Thandie, you’ve done really well, although you know if you had been Kate Winslet your life would have been very different,’ meaning that if I’d been white,” she recalled. “I mean I don’t know what he was trying to say. And I just thought ‘wow.'”

Newton isn’t the first one to point out the apparent racism in the industry all over. Actors, models, and even movie directors like John Singleton often talk about how Hollywood is the land of the white.