*Supermodel turned super mogul, Tyra Banks will be LA Thursday to sign copies of her New York Times Best-Selling young adult fantasy fiction novel “Modelland” at Eso Won Books.

Modelland is a story that is fun, campy, and full of adventure. Set to be the first in a series of three books, Tyra’s lifelong love of reading and storytelling is deeply embedded in every page, and her commitment to empowering girls and expanding the standard definition of beauty is ever-present.

The book, which is for young adult readers ages 12 and up, tells the story of Tookie De La Crème, a 15-year-old insecure, awkward teenager who receives an unexpected invitation to Modelland-an exclusive, mysterious place on top of a mountain. Tookie is gangly, with a large forehead, and one brown eye and one green eye (the cover art is actually of Tyra’s eye), and in many ways, Tookie struggles with the same insecurities Tyra did when she was a teenager. Thrown into a world where she doesn’t belong, Tookie glimpses a future that could be hers – all while learning the meaning of friendship, self-acceptance and courage.

WHAT: Tyra Banks Book signing copies of Modelland  at Eso Wan Books
WHEN: Thursday, December 1, 2011 from  6:00pm – 8:00pm
WHERE: Eso Won Books   4331 Degnan Boulevard , Los Angeles, California 90008, 323-290-1048




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