*Rajee Narinesingh, 48, a victim of a ‘butt implant’ doctor Oneal Ron Morris, is the most recent victim to come forward to reveal the horrific damage the notorious fake practitioner did to her face according to Mail Online.

Narinesingh, a former ‘patient’ of transgender man Morris, is hopping mad after discovering that the fake doctor injected her face with a toxic mixture of cement and tire sealant.

As reported earlier in EURweb, Morris used cement, mineral oil and fix-a-flat during her backroom beauty treatments. Morris appears in police photos with an enormous butt which she injected with undisclosed chemicals.

Narinesingh, 48, who lives in Miami,Fla., said her face was ruined by Morris, who has just been released from custody on a $15,000 bond after she was accused of administering potentially lethal shots to another victim.

Narinesingh, who is also a transgender woman, said she suffered acutely lumpy cheeks, a misshapen chin and a ballooning upper lip after Morris administered the back room beauty treatment.

Narinesingh said she turned to Morris because she did not have the money to pay a licensed plastic surgeon.  She heard of Morris through word of mouth in the transsexual community.

Narinesingh told television station CBS4, “It becomes so dire that you want to match your outside with your inside that you’re willing to roll the dice and take your changes.

“As a transgender person, you’re thinking, ‘Oh, my God, I can start to look like I want to look like and I don’t have to spend a lot of money.’”

The injections have forced Narinesingh to have several plastic surgery procedures to repair the damage, and she still has to undergo more surgeries.

Since Morris’ alleged practices were exposed, prosecutors say several victims have come forward.

Dr. John Martin, who is now treating Narinesingh, said she has been giving her therapeutic injections that he hopes will eventually soften the hard nodules that formed in her face and return to a more normal appearance.

In the meantime, Morris is now free on bond but Miami Gardens Police and health officials are still investigating the case.

“I have learned my lesson,” said Narinesingh.  “I could have died.  I know that now.”