*Mariah Carey took over HSN Tuesday to sell her Christmas wares and promptly made comment about all of the blogs that made fun of her last appearance on HSN in July – when she looked crazy.

The singer and mother of two made it clear she was in on the joke and said she’s pretty sure this appearance would also lead to a few funny videos around the web.

“The best thing is that all the people on the Internet get to edit this and cut it together will have so much fun,” Carey said…and someone has. Scroll down to watch.

The singer went on to blame her spaciness on having to speak in front of so many cameras and deal with an earpiece. “But honestly, sometimes you can’t hear in this thing,” she said, pointing to her earpiece.

When Carey appeared on HSN back in July, her somewhat loopy behavior while talking about her jewelry and bag lines sparked a flurry of viral videos and posts.

“I won’t mention too many sites right now because I don’t want to leave anyone out who’s gonna mock me, I want to give them enough space to do it,” she says later.