MSNBC's Goldie Taylor

*The Penn State child abuse and sex scandal has certainly sparked much needed conversation about sexual abuse, inspiring celebrities to come out about their own experiences.

MSNBC pundit, Goldie Taylor shared her own story of sexual abuse on Monday’s “Last Word.”

In preview of the show, she tweeted earlier that she felt “ashamed that I never had the courage to tell my own story.”

She told Lawrence O’Donnell:

“If I’m angry that adults did not speak out then, then why am I not angry at myself for not telling my story and helping young women like me combat predators who are in our high schools and middle schools?”

She swallowed and teared up as she recounted her experience.

“In my case, it was a high school football coach. I was a varsity cheerleader in Missouri. There were other women like me and I knew it at the time. In my own fear of being blamed and shamed — even as a growing person, as an adult, a mother of children now, — I felt like I had no safe harbor to tell it.”

Taylor went on saying she dropped out of cheerleading, debate and eventually high school because of the abuse. And her abuser is still coaching girls’ track now.

The Penn State controversy has even prompted her to go back to St. Louis for the first time in many years to share her story and take legal action.

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