*Weatherman Al Roker of  NBC’s “Today” show is one busy man.

Not only does the jolly weatherman keep viewers up to date on the weather while serving as co-anchor on the show, but the 10-time Emmy winner is also an accomplished author who has just released the third installment of his series, “The Talk Show Murders.”

The book features celebrity chef  Billy Blessing who runs a five-star restaurant, but harbors secrets from his long buried past. He was once known as conman Billy Blanchard.

Blessing is tapped for a week to co-host the morning show “Wake Up, America!” While a guest on the popular Chicago TV talk show, he runs into Eddie Patton, a nosy ex-cop, who tries to blackmail Blessing over his past.

Blessing becomes desperate that he might have to pay up or see the embarrassing truth from being broadcast to the world on Patton’s true crime website.

But hours after trying to shake down Blessing, Patton winds up dead in his apartment, the first in a string of killings that has Blessing scrambling for clues in an attempt to clear his name before he becomes the latest poster child for celebrity scandal.

On top of that, Blessing finds himself entangled in a budding romance with a visiting movie star.

Critics say the book is a fast-paced and funny that will keep mystery lovers glued to every page.

Roker also wrote “The Morning Show Murders” and “The Midnight Show Murders,” the first two installments in the series.

He is also the New York Times bestselling author of “Don’t Make Me Stop This Car! Adventures in Fatherhood,” as well as the author of two bestselling cookbooks.

Roker also runs “Al Roker Productions,” which produces television specials.

Roker is married to ABC’s20/20 correspondent Deborah Roberts.