*Popular former “X Factor” contestant, Astro is very much well loved by his fans and the general public. Despite being kicked off the show, he scooped up a nice contract with Roc Nation.

He stopped by 106 and Park to show off a bit of his skills and share his plans for music. And he didn’t hold back any emotions, dreams or aspirations.

“I plan to release just as much music as I can. Movies, I should be working on a cartoon, reality show, everything. Everything I could do, like a clothing line, like a lot of things are in the works. I plan on just performing everywhere. I’m gonna be worldwide!” exclaimed Astro when he was asked what he was working on.

He was indeed confident, but he didn’t seem very humble about anything he said, especially being that he doesn’t even have an album. Check out the interview with the 15-year-old rapper.