floyd mayweather*It looks like perfect record champion boxer Floyd Mayweather will be serving some time after all.

Judge Meliss Saragosa sentenced the 34-year-old to 90 days in jail after he pleaded guilty to a reduced battery domestic violence charge and no contest to two harassment charges.

Before Wednesday’s court appearance, Mayweather skirted from the law for several domestic violence charges in the past. But Saragosa wasn’t going to let him get away this time.

“Punishment is appropriate,” Saragosa said after a prosecutor complained that Mayweather has been in trouble before and hasn’t faced serious consequences.

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“No matter who you are, you have consequences to your actions when they escalate to this level of violence,” she said.

He was actually sentenced to six months, but it got knocked in half. He’ll have to complete 100 hours of community service and pay a $2,500 fine and complete a yearlong domestic violence-counseling program.

Even though it’s only three months, the dude is a celebrity, but he’s also a pro boxer. How do you think he’ll fare in the pin?

The judge said good behavior could knock his sentence down significantly by several weeks, but he’ll likely serve most of his sentence, which will begin Jan. 6.

Since he’ll be in jail, is the long sought after match between him and Manny Pacquiao likely to happen?