(Herman Cain (with wife Gloria in the background, announces that he's calling off presidential campaign)

*It could’ve gone either way, but most folks were betting that Herman Cain would call to a halt his Republican presidential bid and that’s exactly what happened.

Saturday afternoon in Atlanta, according to ajc.com, Cain spoke to crowd of supporters and media personnel and officially announced that he is suspending his presidential campaign.

Cain said the onslaught of accusations of sexual harassment and marital infidelity has caused too much of a strain on his marriage and that after discussing it with his wife, Gloria, they agreed it was time to focus on their family.

“As of today with a lot off prayer and soul searching I am suspending my presidential campaign,” Cain said, his wife standing behind him. “Because of the continued distraction, the continued hurt caused on me and my family, not because we’re not fighters.

But Cain said he “will not be silenced and I’m not going away.”

Cain said he’s on to “Plan B,” which revolves around a website where he will continue to push for solutions to the country’s problems.

Cain said he was inspired to run because “politicians in Washington” had failed the country. “The mess has just gotten bigger,” he said. “You were frustrated, I was frustrated. It was out of that frustration I made the decision to run.”

A crowd of more than 300 supporters had gathered on a brisk autumn morning in the parking lot of what was to be his new Atlanta headquarters in north DeKalb County.

For hours before Cain arrived, they milled about, waving signs, eating barbecue and expressing hope that Cain would stay in the race.

But, to the surprise of few in the political world, Cain said his campaign is over.

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