JR Perry

*Las Vegas – “This is a truly an exciting and must see variety show featuring a diverse spectrum of talented artists and performers committed to a united cause,” says Executive Producer and longtime advocate JR Perry.

Perry has been producing this entertainment extravaganza for a number of years bringing Las Vegas’ movers and shakers, rising stars, community leaders and compassionate people from all walks of life together to raise awareness and funds for sickle cell anemia research.

Event Co-Producer and Piano Bar owner, the Rev. Travis Talbot states, “I admire JR’s dedication and love how he and his talented posse of performers are using entertainment to eradicate a deadly disease.” The ‘Rockstar Reverend’ adds, “It’s refreshing to see an individual like JR motivate the masses by making it such an upbeat and loving affair.”

The production has been an ongoing series that educates and inspires. JR and his supporters hope to continue their impressive track record of goodwill by relocating their campaign for promoting Sickle Cell Cure Foundation (SCCF) to the recently introduced Swingers Club in downtown Vegas in the newly renovated Plaza Casino and Hotel at the end of Fremont. The event is December 17th starting at 7pm and expected to run into the very early hours of the morning.

“We intend to present the community with a full package of unrestricted fun and laughter and energy; live bands, standup comedy, DJ’s, solo artists, stage dancers/performers, Props from the Drops Awards and after party going late into the early morning hours – it’s a party powered by love!” JR Perry and his Cohosts are including a local line up of amazing local talent that includes the likes of performers: Airamis, Big Fevv, Christina London, Solid, Jonnita, Billy ‘5-Star’ Hewitt, Earl White, Louie Muhammad, Dustin ‘Radio’ Niall and hosted by JR Perry, S Five and Phat Man.

About The Sickle Cell Cure Foundation
The Sickle Cell Cure Foundation (SCCF) has been working hard to complete the cure for this deadly disease. Their many years of research and success in clinical trials is historical within itself. The Sickle Cell Cure Foundation had been blessed by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The SCCF is a nonprofit organization and allocates all reources and funds to locating a cure. sicklecellcurefoundation.org/

About Swingers Club
A venue unlike any other in the Las Vegas nightlife and entertainment scene, the Swingers Club is a collaboration between longtime Las Vegas celebrity Anthony Cools, restaurant and nightclub developer Rev. Travis Talbot and entrepreneur Keith Takaoka. Destined to be a new tradition in Sin City, the Swingers Club is located in the iconic Plaza Hotel and Casino at the entrance to Fremont Street. It offers a fun, laid-back watering hole to socialize day or night and includes a nine-hole miniature golf course, showroom acts, dueling pianos and DJ’s to entertain the late night revelers. Visit swingerslv.com for more information.

About the Plaza Hotel & Casino
The Plaza Hotel & Casino opened in 1971 at 1 Main Street, at the intersection of Main and Fremont Street, and was a fashionable stop on the first train service through Las Vegas. Anchoring the Fremont Street Experience, the Plaza has been an iconic hotel in the heart of downtown Las Vegas for more than 40 years. It sits on 16.5 acres of land and has 1,037 rooms and suites, making it one of the largest hotel-casinos in downtown Las Vegas. Recent renovations have updated and improved the Plaza’s ambiance throughout, creating a stylish and comfortable new experience for its guests. To learn more, visit plazahotelcasino.com

About Punch TV Network:
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1 South Main Street Las Vegas, located inside the Swingers Club
Date: December 17th
Time 9pm – 5am
Cover Charge $20.00 per person with proceeds going to SCCF
Age: 21plus
Dress Code: respectful party attire

Directed By J R Perry
Executive J R Perry & Rev Talbot
Anthony Cools