Chicago Police Dept. mugshot of Andre Curry

*The 21-year-old Chicago man who posted a photo of his one-year-old daughter bound in duct tape on Facebook was charged with aggravated domestic battery.

Andre Curry, 21, of the 6100 block of South Racine Ave., was charged with aggravated domestic battery, according to a police News Affairs release obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times.

The Facebook photo, which went viral after being published by, shows a girl with blue tape over her mouth; her wrists and ankles are also bound with tape. The message along with the photo read: “This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back. ; ).”

The picture has since been removed but several Facebook friends posted comments about the photo. In one, a woman calls the man a “nasty dirty child abuser.” In another, a woman claims she called DCFS and pointed them in the direction of his profile.

It’s unclear whether the man removed the photo on his own or whether a user reported it as abuse.

As previously reported, Chicago police have been investigating the incident since being notified of the photo on Dec. 14, spokesman Michael Sullivan said. DCFS spokesman Jimmie Whitelow confirmed the agency is also investigating allegations of abuse in the case. DCFS has had no prior contact with the family, he said.

Curry is expected Wednesday in bond court.