michael jackson auction item*Over the weekend, the contents from Michael Jackson’s home were auctioned off, totaling to over more than $1 million, blowing the pre-auction estimates out the water.

Organizers estimated that everything would go for between $200,000 and $400,000.

Among the things that sold was a kitchen chalkboard where Jackson’s children wrote “I love daddy,” which sold for $5000. An armoire on which the singer wrote a message to himself on the mirror brought in $25,750.

Other items included furniture, artwork and other household objects.

The headboard to Jackson’s bed was listed to sell, but at the request of his family, the object was removed from the auction.

However, the rug that was beneath his bed sold for over $15,000.

The auction was one not to miss. Auction organizer Darren Julien recreated the mansion inside the Beverly Hills showroom and invited fans to visit. Mourners and fans left items and gifts for the family.

“Michael Jackson has the greatest fans in the world. I can see why he lived for them,” Julien said. “They came out every day this week to bring gifts. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen as it relates to a celebrity and their fans.”