michelle obama*Alright. Just about everyone loves the first lady, right? She’s hip, involved, and most of all she’s got a great sense of fashion. But it looks like she might be a big spender. Oh no. Haters rejoice!

According to The National Enquirer, she loves to spend lots and lots of money on everything, especially clothes.

The publication says, “The first fashionista secretly splurged on pricey jewelry before the family’s annual holiday vacation in Hawaii, which will cost taxpayers a whopping $3.2 million in airfare alone!”

But there’s more to this gossip dripping story.

The president allegedly had to beg his wife to downsize a trip for a more modestly-priced Camp David getaway and cut back on spending altogether.

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“Michelle said there was ‘no way’ she was going to disappoint their daughters Sasha and Malia and call off the Hawaii trip,” an anonymous source told the Enquirer.

So the family, minus dad traveled to Hawaii this past weekend. Do you want to guess how much that cost of taxpayers’ money?

You don’t have to: $3,629,622. Yeah. But all that includes the private travel and protection.

Ok haters, here’s one last item in this story that should make you salivate: The Obamas have vacationed in Hawaii, the president’s birthplace, for the last four years. But with a price tag of almost $4 million, this year’s trip, which is set to last 17 days, is indeed the priciest, according to the Hawaiian Reporter, due to the president’s separate arrival, and the family’s extended stay.