It’s a woman’s fantasy to have the wedding of her dreams come true – especially on someone else’s dime.  Then throw in a celebrity wedding planner (Star Jones, Usher, Chris Paul etc) to “bling it out,” she’s sure to be over the moon.  David Tutera of We tv’s My Fair Wedding is the man to make that fantasy a reality.

David Tutero

Based on the premise of the show, if you’re a bride who’s planning a wedding on a meager budget and you get an unsuspecting knock at the door, hold on to your garter, because you’re in store for the wedding of your dreams.  Tutera has a knack for smoking out brides’ deepest desires for their special day and helping them to realize them with his legendary event planning expertise.  Tutera’s candor and wit may trample your feelings a bit along the way, but it’s just a means to a storybook end.

My Fair Wedding, season 5, episode 5, Dragonfly Bride, airs this Sunday, Dec. 10 on WE tv, followed the next week by Hollywood Glam Bride, which features a black couple, both actors, who wish to pull off a classic Hollywood themed wedding.  When Tutera arrives on the scene, he finds that the couple has in essence planned the equivalent of a children’s theme party, in his not-so-humble opinion.  After waving his magic wan over the affair, the bride is left in tears and the groom with his jaw hitting the floor.

Tutera doesn’t discriminate in regard to the clients he takes on. In fact, he has an affinity for black women.  Having grown up in the inner city, his background fostered a kindredness for black brides that fuels his passion for helping them to make their special day unforgettable.

“I think my passion comes from my upbringing.  I went to a school that was lower middle income and either you were with the in-crowd or you weren’t, because it was a white thing or a black thing and if you showed up on the wrong day, you were in big trouble.  So, I managed to manipulate my way through life and as a gay kid, I was challenged, so I had multiple things going on.  I see myself as a minority and I see myself as a kid who was bullied and challenged, so I think that that’s the connection.  I had a talk with someone from VH1 after the first season aired and they asked, ‘So why are African American women so in love with you … why do you show such passion?  Because you see only the women that’s sitting in front of you.’  I didn’t realize that it’s how I grew up. So, I was given that path and didn’t realize it was the path that would lead me to where I am today.”

He’s acutely aware of the disparity between how brides of color vs. white brides are viewed.

“[coming up] I will be the first male to ever be on the cover of a national publication in its bridal guide magazine.  But that’s not the exciting part.  I only agreed to do this if they allowed me to have a black woman standing next to me.   In the history of national publications of bridal, there’s never been a black woman.  I’m really excited about that.”

Speaking of brides of color and disparity, during a press sneak preview of the show, Tutera spoke about how unfairly Star Jones was treated surrounding her highly publicized wedding to Al Reynolds, which he planned:

“I met her on the view and we talked about her wedding before I met Al … Star got the raw end of the stick when the press hit.  This is a woman like any woman out there that had a dream of having a beautiful wedding, she happened to just be a black woman that was on television and [they] destroyed her because she was vocal about it.  The rumors that flew, 90% of them were false.  I like the way she went off air, I think she was the one that won, even though it seemed like she lost.  Barbara Walters, I’m not a fan of, Star, I am.”

He went on to speak on the public spectacle that was Kim Kardashian’s wedding:

“Don’t even get me started on that.  I was asked by my publicist to stop my rants about the wedding. They make me so angry, I get tongue-twisted.  I hated the wedding and I can’t stand her.”

And for good measure, he threw in a few comments when prompted (as Dwight Eubanks fled the room) on whether he’d accept an offer to plan a wedding for reality TV’s latest star you love to hate, NeNe Leakes:

“I’d have to meet her, because I don’t know her, but if we’e going off what I’ve seen on television, I’d say no.  I don’t know if that’s the person that she is, but … I don’t have the time in my life to add drama to my life and if that’s who she is, I’d have to say no.”

Blogger Cadillac Kimberly and Dwight Eubanks

David Tutera — celebrity wedding planner and star of WE tv’s MY FAIR WEDDING – completed a whirlwind press tour this week that included stops in New York and Atlanta. On Tuesday, Tutera screened an upcoming episode of his popular wedding makeover show at Pranna Restaurant for 50 NYC media and VIPs that included PEOPLE, NY Times, Associated Press, STAR, National Enquirer, EBONY/JET, Juicy, ESSENCE and author Tonya Lewis Lee. The following day, Tutera joined Atlanta press for an intimate dinner and screening at 103 West with CNN, Bossip, V103, KISS 104, AJC, Rolling Out, Cadillac Kim, SIR, BE-Entertained Mag, EURweb and tv star/stylist Dwight Eubanks. All attendees were given a DVD copy of the best of MFW — Weddings WE Love: My Fair Wedding with David Tutera – and a rhinestone pin from Bridal Collection by David Tutera.

Guest, David Tutera, Tonya Lee and Jamilah Creekmur