kevin ross

Kevin Ross

*Radio and music industry veteran Kevin Ross just completed a very successful campaign called “Radio Facts: 5 Days to Raise.” This was an effort to gather funds for former urban industry people in need.

Ross owns and runs the leading urban radio industry blog Radio Facts (

“Industry people (radio, music, former R&B singers and rappers) are very proud and will often not ask for help when we are in need. I heard about a former urban radio person being homeless this past Friday and I felt I had to do something. I got calls all year from various industry people asking for financial assistance and they often complained about the lack of resources. I realized since it was so close to Christmas, perhaps I could call on people currently working in the industry to help, so I did and they really came through.”

Ross, a 20 year industry vet who is a former radio programmer and DJ said everyone from radio DJs to record executives contributed and his goal was reached within five days. “Originally, I was only planning on helping one or two people but as the donations kept coming in, we were able to help 18 people and the donations are still coming in.”

Ross went on to say “Industry people often want to be remembered as a success but we all have our challenges and things can change overnight.  I’m glad Radio Facts could help.”  Ross can be reached at [email protected].