*Former NFL player and 1986 Super Bowl champion, Willie Gault, was recently charged with fraud for allegedly being a part of a medical-device company involved in a stock scam, according to the Washington Post.

Gault actually held the title of “co-CEO for operations” at Heart Tronics, but he provided no real contributions. He worked mostly as the celebrity figurehead of the whole shebang.

The company filed false and misleading financial reports to boost its share price.

As a result, the 51 year old and his friends are facing federal prison time.

And according to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Gault diverted one investor’s money for his personal use. Yikes. It don’t look so good, boss.

However, the former athlete and his business partner, J. Rowland Perkins II, a founder of the Creative Artists Agency – a Hollywood talent firm, maintain their innocence.

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