*R&B producer Teddy Riley filed a lawsuit against his former band mates of Blackstreet.

He says the members in question have used the group’s name illegally, since he’s half the owner of the group’s trademark. Chauncey Hannibal is the other “Blackstreet” owner.

According to the lawsuit, Mark Middleton and Eric Williams have used the group’s name to book performances, including a claim to the Blackstreet name in November, without getting the proper permission.

Lawyers for both Riley and Hannibal have sent cease and desist letters, but the other have just ignored them.

The names has caused such a big issue that promoters are afraid to book anyone associated with the group, and as a result has cost everyone money.

To top things off, according to a report at allhiphop.com, two men went on Jenny Boom Boom’s show on Hot 93.7 in Hartford to talk about the matter, saying there are two “different sets” of Blackstreet since the trademark owners refuse to share the proceeds.