Actor Samuel L. Jackson turns 63 today

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The Eighth Day of Christmas – “Share The Gift of Perseverance!

Scripture says, “The race does not go to the swift nor to the strong, but to the one that perseveres until the end!” This Christmas, I encourage you to persevere. Most people give up too soon; like the man who was digging for gold, became frustrated, gave up and walked away. He left the shovel in the ground, and a short while later, another man came along, picked up the shovel and starting digging, and dug six more feet and hit a major vein of gold. The first man gave up six feet too soon! Don’t give up…keep digging and keep going after your dreams! This Christmas, share the gift of perseverance! – Willie Jolley


Dec. 21: Singer Carla Thomas is 69. Actor Samuel L. Jackson is 63. Singer Betty Wright is 58.

BLACK HISTORY                                   

Dec. 21, 1865: South Carolina issues one of the first set of black codes “to regulate the relations of persons of color.” Among the codes included those of illegal interracial marriages, master apprentice relations and service contracts.