*LeBron James knows he has an image problem. And with the infamous “Decision” still at the top of the public’s minds, he is determined to do something about it, starting ASAP.

James sat down with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols and says he understands all the anger that was directed at him last season, when he went from Cleveland to Miami.

One of the key things he understands now is how he let the hate directed at him change his game. We all know how that turned out. Anyway, he spoke on change in public opinion toward him:

“During my first seven years in the NBA I was always the liked one. To be on the other side, they call it the dark side, or the villain, whatever they call it . . . It was definitely challenging for myself. It was a situation I had never been in before. I took a long time to adjust to it. It didn’t feel good. I was still living in Ohio and you could feel it. You don’t even have to hear it. You can feel it.”

Oh yes, about his crappy playing in the NBA Finals …

“I just know I could have played better. I didn’t have enough game-changing plays where I just shifted the game.”

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Watch the interview below: