*In an interview with Anderson Cooper, Octavia Spencer admitted that she was up against some stiff competition when she was being considered for the role of “Minny” in blockbuster hit, “The Help.”

The 41-year-old actress told the talk show host that she beat out Mo’Nique, Jennifer Hudson and Queen Latifah.

“There were a lot of big name people who were out there and being considered for this role. How did you get this role?” Anderson asked.

“I slept with the producer,” Octavia joked, but it had been revealed that she was on the top of the list because of her friendship with director Tate Taylor.

Not a good joke.

Anyway, she and Taylor have been friends for about 17 years. In the time they’ve known each other, he actually introduced her to the author, Kathryn Stockett, before the book was even written. And believe it or not, Spencer’s sassy personality ended up on the pages of the book.

She described the meeting: “It was a crazy setting,” she said. “I don’t like to be hot, hungry or uncomfortable, and I was 100 pounds heavier, it was 108 degrees in New Orleans. Tate decided that we should take a walking tour, and I was very grumpy. And Minny was born.”