*Oh no, here we go with the drama.

After Gayle King took to the Tom Joyner show to tell the world that no letter was written by Oprah about the pair’s friendship, Wendy Williams could not sit down and be quiet.

Being the forward type person she is, the talk show host also went to Joyner to tell her side.

“I have no reason to lie about this.”

And that the letter she read during her live broadcast was from emails she received from a woman who claimed to be on Oprah Winfrey’s staff.

“I read the initial letter,” said Williams, “By the time I got to the second one, I was just like ‘This is so ridiculous.’ I read the first letter on [air], and the only thing I changed was I put ‘Love, Oprah’ at the end.”

(See the video below at approximately the 5:30 mark.)

Williams told her own audience that she disapproves of King ditching the OWN network to join CBS’s “The Early Show.” That’s when she received an email from Oprah’s staff.

“The person’s name who sent the email is Chelsea Hettrick, just so everyone knows … H-E-T-T-R-I-C-K. Chelsea Hettrick sends a letter to the show not once, but twice. She sent it the first day, and then she sent another one with different writing the second day.”

During her broadcast on last Thursday, Williams read the letter written to clear up the rumor or stop any further speculation about Oprah and her best friend.

Friday King went on the radio, saying her BFF didn’t write any letter and that Oprah supported her move to CBS.