brian courtney wilson*Brian Courtney Wilson is coming hard again with his latest project, “So Proud,” out in stores Feb. 7.

This particular album is a special one of the artist. It sort of brings back memories of his childhood.

“Before my mom and dad knew I was going to be a singer, God had given them a promise to nurture me into the person that I am today,” he says. “We are all given some promise, some vision for our future that we have to nurture, endure hard times for, and always believe in.”

As was his debut album, “Just Love,”  “So Proud will be another breakthrough project for Brian and Music World Gospel,” says Mathew Knowles, founder of Music World Entertainment. “Brian’s devoted followers will be very pleased and he’s sure to capture new supporters with this project.”

The inspiration for this project came three years ago when Wilson penned “So Proud,” the title song and the CD project’s first single. The song is about remembering…remembering the reasons why you should keep going when the days seem the hardest…remembering your value when people cast you aside…remembering the people who did not give up on you when you feel like giving up on yourself…and most of all, it’s about remembering that the reason we have so much to remember is because God has always been there to make a way through the people in our lives.”