chris rock*We haven’t heard much from Chris Rock lately, but that’s because he’s busy actually working. This month, he’s the guest editor for Vibe magazine and is working on a film.

In an interview with the publication, he revealed he’s working with Tyler Perry and Eddie Murphy and deemed his latest project the “correct” way to make a Black film.

The movie is called “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” starring J-Lo and himself. He plays the role of a responsible single father who actually takes pride in caring for his child.

Other projects include a film about a Black family that takes a skiing trip, but he warns he’s not into the stereotypes.

“I don’t feel like doing a movie that would be the Hollywood version of Black people skiing. A brother going down the mountain with bacon strips on his sneakers.”

As far as declaring what a real Black movie is, he says its one of those things that’s been up for debate.

“[Coming to America] is real Black. But Eddie Murphy has this thing where he can cross over without [selling out]. What is Blacker than John Amos with two daughters in Queens? Just the character, an African prince. That shit is really Black, but the way they executed it was brilliant. Nutty Professor is another one. What’s Blacker than that family at the table? But at the same time, you have the family dynamic. They emphasized that there’s all these different characters in the family. That’s how real families are. We got loud people, quiet people and we’re all kinda all in it together. Nutty Professor is the Blackest movie I’ve ever seen in my life. But Eddie Murphy, he’s like an old-time performer. It’s all about satisfying multiple groups of people. Eddie is from a time where we only had nine or 15 channels on TV. And if you came up in that show business, you couldn’t be like some of these niche performers. You really had to make everybody laugh. It’s not enough to be good in the ’hood. If there’s only nine channels, there are no hood channels; so many people are going to be seeing me. All that to say is Eddie Murphy is from that era, and so am I.”

Interesting. Read the full interview at Vibe.