don cheadle*New dark comedy “House Of Lies” debuted Sunday night with 1.03 million viewers at 10 p.m., reports

It was in line with the network’s most recent series premiere of drama “Homeland,” which opened with 1.08 million in October. However, Homeland had a bigger lead-in, and for the night over three plays “House Of Lies” amassed 1.38 million viewers, 13% higher than “Homeland‘s” opening-night viewership.

(Showtime had a free weekend, but the ratings for its series include only subscribers.)

With online and on-demand sampling, Showtime estimates that some 1.2 million sampled the pilot episode of “House Of Lies.” In terms of comedy series debuts, the show starring Don Cheadle landed between Showtime’s two most recent debuts: “The Big C” (1.15 million) and “Episodes” (768,000).