Full Force *Tonight’s (10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific) airing of TV One’s Unsung is filled with hip hop history, music industry magic and a few surprises about Full Force.

The Force put Brooklyn on the map in the mid 1980’s when Bowlegged Lou, Paul Anthony, B-Fine, Baby Gerry, Shy Shy and Curt-T-T formed a production team and hip hop/ R&B vocal band.  It was a family affair consisting of three brothers and three cousins.   

The kick off was the production of U.T.F.O.’s “Roxanne Roxanne,”  which peeked into Billboard’s top ten. Then they followed up with  Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam’s  “I Wonder If I Take You Home,” which made it to number six on the dance charts.  There are several reveals in Unsung.  One fact is that it was the late Steve Salem, who encouraged them to pursue songwriting and producing.  Lou was reluctant but majority ruled and the result is a lasting legacy of behind the scenes work with The Backstreet Boys, Ashanti, Brittany Spears, The Black Eyed Peas, Nilki Minaj and surprising and shocking one about Paul Anthony.

To help promote the show, the group held private screenings in New York, Atlanta and LA.  Bow Legged Lou spoke candidly with EUR’s Lee Bailey (in Los Angeles) about the ups and downs of the group.  He discussed what changed their career direction and how Full Force was able to land exclusive Unsung comments with Soul Train producer Don Cornelius (scroll down to HEAR it).

“I’m very happy with our Unsung. We had three pre-screenings to kick off the celebration and it was just crazy.  We’re just so proud of it.  We felt that TV One and the Unsung crew did a great, spectacular job.”

Though it was Bow Legged Lou’s idea to pursue Unsung, he admits that the public reacted curiously as to why the group was chosen to have their life story explored at this time.

Bow Legged Lou recalls: “A lot times when we would tell people that we were going to do TV One’s Unsung, some of our friends would go; ‘Oh really, is everything alright? Is everybody okay?’   When Unsung comes on you can’t get through an episode without somebody being in jail, or somebody on drugs and the thing about it is that Unsung does your ups and downs, they do the success and pitfalls and we all have ups and downs.”

Lou also discussed what changed the career direction of Full Force and how they were able to land the exclusive Unsung interview with legendary Soul Train creator/producer Don Cornelius.

Then of course there is the story of Full Force as performers of their own hits, movie actors and adult rated stage shows.  All of this gives credence to their body of work; which is assuredly under the radar unless one is an astute connoisseur of hip hop and pop culture.

Below is an excerpt from Lee Bailey’s conversation with Full Force’s Bow Legged Lou:

Watch the sneak-peek trailer for the Full Force Unsung segment:

Tonight’s Full Force Unsung will be filled with guest appearances by Cheryl Pepsi Riley, Lisa Lisa, Chubb Rock, Quest Love, Blair Underwood and more. TV One’s showtime is 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific.