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Henry Davis

*Henry Davis, the bass player for the legendary R&B band L.T.D. (“Love Ballad,” “Back In Love Again”) has died. Unfortunately we don’t have the details of his death or his age.

According to the Washington Informer, Davis began his career playing behind the popular 60s group the Friends of Distinction before joining L.T.D. During the 80s, he worked with Lionel Richie, Morris Day and the Time and Diana Ross. Yes, he’s the man playing  those incredible bass lines in her hit “Love Hangover.”

Davis got back together with L.T.D. a few years ago and also worked at two Los Angeles churches, playing bass for Messiah Missionary Baptist Church and conducting the choir at St Paul Catholic Church.

Davis’ funeral was held this past Thursday, Jan. 26, at Messiah Missionary Baptist Church.

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In the meantime, last June, EUR associate, Morris O’Kelly, sat with Davis and the band as they prepared for a tour. One of the things Davis spoke about was today’s young artists. Below is what he had to say:
AUDIO EXTRA – Henry Davis of LTD Gives Thoughts on Young Artists by MrMo’Kelly

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Watch and groove to L.T.D on Soul Train performing the funky (Everytime I Turn Around) Back In Love Again with Jeffrey Osborne on lead: