got Jesus t-shirt*Buncombe County School District in North Carolina is in the spotlight once again after one of their middle schools reportedly asked a wrestling coach not to wear a t-shirt with a religious message, reports The Christian Post.

Upset by the request, the entire North Buncombe Middle School wrestling team and a few parents wore a shirt that said “Got Jesus” on the front with a scriptural reference on the back to a wrestling meet on Wednesday night as a response, ABC News 13 reported.

The wrestlers raised the money themselves to get the shirts made, which they plan to continue wearing to the rest of their remaining meets as well as to school.

Parents stated that the move was not “against something” but rather a movement in support of their religious convictions.

One parents told the station that for far too long, Christians in the area had been quieted, allowing their liberties to be taken away.

“I think it’s just time that we let people know our voice and have our voice be heard in the right way, in love, in the spirit of truth,” he shared.

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