kyla pratt*Kyla Pratt is officially all grown up.

She’s a mom now, but isn’t looking to settle down with just one man.

In a recent interview with Vibe Vixen, the former child star and “Let’s Stay Together” star, discussed motherhood, the business, and why she’s not ready to get married.

Since becoming a mother, she says sleep is a rare find.

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“No sleep, but [my baby] is my world! That’s all I think about everyday, and everything I do is just for her. I want to make sure she’s good in her future. I’m enjoying every minute of it!” she said, adding that the pregnancy went well. “I have a great man by my side and a very supportive and loving family that is there for me. I got to enjoy the beauty of another human being growing inside of me.”

As far as getting married to that wonderful man, they both agreed now isn’t the time to tie the knot. She said their saving that for the future.

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