Larry Buford

*The T.V. premier of the Lifetime movie “The Pregnancy Project” aired on Sunday, January 29th.

Based upon a true story, the film is about a Yakima, Washington high school senior, Gaby Rodriguez (portrayed by Alexa Vega), who faked her own pregnancy for her senior project. Her objective was to flush out and document true responses to teen pregnancy, and expose the stereotypes and rumors that impact the mothers-to-be.

During her sixth month of ‘pregnancy,’ she had some of the responses read to a full school assembly where only a handful of people knew before she revealed the shocking truth.

It’s an eye-opening movie that conjures up a basis for other scenarios. One that comes to mind is today’s political arena. Presidential candidates and other politicians boast of being pregnant with ideals and solutions that will be best for the American people as a whole. Pollsters track public opinion and paint by (percentage) number an image or consensus. In the end it all seems to be nothing more than a rain cloud that never rains. Empty rhetoric and delusion are the order of the day. ‘Pregnot’!

Then we have the citizenry camp of those who passionately opine what’s wrong and what needs to be done in this country, but the passion fizzles when it comes time to deliver a vote. ‘Pregnot’!

Concerning our youth; even when babies are born there are those parents who claim how much they love their children, but seldom show it if at all. With an epidemic of teen pregnancy, suicide, depression, and addiction, the most common underlying factor is that they don’t feel loved and valued by their parents. ‘Pregnot’!

Be not deceived; deception is everywhere. When you get right down to it we all could use self-examination of whom and what we claim to be, and what we’re about. Let’s be real, not ‘pregnots.’

Larry Buford is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer. Author of “Things Are Gettin’ Outta Hand” (Steuben Pub) Available at Smiley’s Bookstore in Carson CA, Skylight Books, Los Angeles, and Chaucer’s in Santa Barbara CA. Visit the author at (213) 220-8101