*Lil Wayne is getting busy in the sports arena.

The rapper is doing his very own sports segment called “Weezy’s Sports Corner.”

On December 24, he released his first installment of his video web series that will see him musing about the latest happenings in the sports world.

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He’ll be talking about his favorite teams: Green Bay Packers, LA Lakers, Boston Red Sox, Washington Capitals, LSU and UNC basketball teams.

“My love for sports started when I was about zero years old. That means I was born a sports child,” said Wayne. “It was mostly the women in my family. My mom and my grandmother, they were just super sporty… They loved their teams, they loved football, they loved baseball, they loved basketball.”

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The video blog is a continuation of a text blog of the same title, which Wayne began when he was blogging from prison. In a room filled with Green Bay Packers merchandise and skateboards adorned with “YMCMB,” Wayne announced that he would be releasing the videos every Saturday. Watch a preview below.

But that’s not all. He’ll also be co-hosting a “real” sports show called “The Sports Rap” with Jalen Rose and Rob Parker.

WEEZY’s SPORTS CORNER 12/24/11 1 OF 7 from DERICK G on Vimeo.