jay-z & beyonce*Beyonce and Jay-Z’s newest member of the family caused quite a stir at the Lexon Hill Hospital when the couple’s security shut down most access to the facility.

It was so bad that a local man is demanding an apology by the super stars for preventing him from seeing his new children.

According to the NY Daily News,  38-year-old Neil Coulon, a contractor, claimed that “the stress of his wife delivering two premature girls was tripled by Beyonce’s bodyguards treating Lenox Hill Hospital like an exclusive nightclub.”

According to Coulon, he was even more upset to find out that he was banned from seeing his twins and that his relatives were kicked out of the waiting room.

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“Three times they stopped me from entering or exiting the NICU (Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit) and it happened once on Friday – just because they wanted to use the hallway,” he stated.

Reportedly Beyonce and Jay-Z spent $1.3 million to rent the entire fourth floor of the hospital, but Coulon is not having it.

“I know they spent $1.3 million and I’m just a contractor from Bed-Stuy, but the treatment we received was not okay,” he scoffed. “My wife is just terribly upset. She had a C-section. She gave birth to twins. She is sore. Nobody needs this.”

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