michelle obama*George Stephanopoulos recently returned to his old spot as anchor of ABC’s “This Week” in the midst of the heated Republican debate on NBC.

Jumping on the political band wagon right away, the first appearance was by former White House advisor David Axelrod who chatted about a new book about President Obama that details tensions between Michelle Obama and White House staffers, which led to one official cursing her out during a meeting.

Axelrod confirmed it actually went down just like that.

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A controversial excerpt was published in the New York Times that reveals the official in question is former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs who was reacting to a chain of events following a chain of events.

The first lady was quoted in a French book as saying living in the White House was “hell.”

Gibbs cursed Mrs. Obama who wasn’t present at the time, but later decided his remarks were foolish.

When asked about it on the show, Axelrod first denied the book’s string of stories saying most were exaggerations, but later confirmed the event took place. However, he explained that tensions were never that bad in the White House between the first lady and staff.

Check out the conversation via video: