ne-yo*Ne-Yo is a dreamer and has big plans a Motown Records’ new senior VP of A&R.

Being the diverse artist he is, he wants to bring all kinds of music to the label, that’s traditionally has promoted predominantly Black artists.

I want to get back to a place where everybody’s listening to the same thing no matter what race, color, creed you are,” the singer said in an interview Wednesday after Universal Music made the announcement.
“(Now) there’s music that’s specifically for black people and there’s music that’s specifically for white people, and I feel like the essence of … music is lost when you do that.”

But his goals don’t stop there. He’s looking forward to hiring hard working artists who are looking to make more than one hit record. Under his command, Ne-Yo plans to introduce a new realm of music to the industry and nurture some good talent at Motown.

And speaking of hard work, he’s now gearing up to release his fifth album this summer and will move over to Motown, rightfully so.