Ne-Yo’s Feb 2008 mug shot on charges of reckless driving and driving without a license in Georgia – one of the few photos of him without a hat

*R&B singer Ne-Yo says his cast members in the film “Red Tails” would not let up about his receding hairline. In fact, that’s how his co-stars passed the time at a pre-shoot boot camp.

“We would just crack on each other,” Ne-Yo tells WENN. “During the boot camp there was no TV or cellphone, no iPod, so at night all we had was us in this itty-bitty room and we’d just sit up and talk about each other.

“We would make up movies based on whatever affliction that person had. Like, everybody knows my hairline is ridiculously comical so one of the films was ‘Where Did My Hairline Go?’ starring Ne-Yo – and the whole room would crack up.”

Ne-Yo plays a member of the famous Tuskegee airmen in “Red Tails,” which opens Jan. 20.