Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon during the BET Honors 2012 at the Warner Theatre on Jan. 14, 2012 in Washington

*Nick Cannon and Howard Stern spoke to each other this morning in a simulcast on their respective radio shows, during which Cannon explained exactly what happened during his recent health scare, reports USA Today.”

FYI: Stern and Cannon used to be enemies. Cannon was mad at Stern after he felt the shock jock had insulted Carey and questioned Cannon’s radio skills. But now that they’ll be co-workers on NBC’s   “America’s Got Talent” this year, suddenly it’s all good between the two. In fact, Cannon says he’s happy Stern got “Talent” moved from Los Angeles to New York, his home.

On his first day back on 92.3 NOW radio in New York, Cannon said his doctors originally thought he had gotten acute mountain sickness while in Aspen over the holidays with wife Mariah Carey and “dem babies,” twins Roc and Roe.

Then they realized it was more serious than that. “They thought it was kidney stones … then a kidney infection,” explained Cannon. “They found out my kidneys weren’t functioning well.” But he adds, “We didn’t want to say ‘kidney failure’ so people would think I gotta get new kidneys and Gary Coleman and all that stuff, so we said ‘mild kidney failure.’ ”

Cannon told his listeners he has to drink a lot of water, and he told Stern, who was broadcasting to his SiriusXM listeners at the same time, he has a “couple more procedures he needs to undergo, but overall, I’m good. I’m feeling 100 percent.”

Meanwhile, Stern, on his SiriusXM show, grilled Cannon about his home life and the long days during the “AGT” schedule and how hard it is on a marriage, saying he wanted to “hang” with Mariah on the set.

Although Stern tried to get Cannon to dish about past loves, he sounded like he’s still madly in love with Mariah. “I’m happier than happy,” said Cannon. “Especially though this entire process, we’ve become so much closer. … I even got a chance to see a different side of my wife where she became so nurturing. I’m in debt to her forever.”

“Would she ever sing to you during sex?” asked Howard.

“Yes!” said Cannon.