*It looks as though the Obamas are grappling with the growing pains of their two young daughters, Sasha, 8, and Malia, 13.

Despite being the offspring of the most powerful man in the free world, Malia and Sasha seem to be determined to remain as normal as possible.

First Lady Michelle Obama talked frankly with Gayle King on CBS’ “This Morning” and revealed that, like any children, her two daughters find their parents ‘not cool’.

Mrs. Obama said that her daughters ‘cringe’ whenever she attempts to sing and dance and that the girls are embarrassed whenever their parents visit their school.

“Because—especially the president—because when he comes for a parent-teacher conference, it’s a motorcade,” said Mrs. Obama.

Pausing, Mrs. Obama added, “The other day, Malia was like, ‘Oh no, is dad coming?  Is he bringing all those cars?  Really, it’s like the other day, I think they almost  hit my teacher.”

And although Sasha and Malia could pretty much choose to watch any movie they wanted in the plush, red velvet White House movie theatre, the two girls shun the place and prefer going to the public cinema.

“I’m like, ‘We have that movie here,’ Mrs. Obama reminds the girls. “And they’re like, ‘I don’t care.’”

“My kids are like any children: anything we do is not cool.  They will go in the other direction,” she said.

Apparently, Malia has tried to retain a sense of normalcy by acquiring her own cell phone.  Although the phone gives the teen a certain amount of freedom, Malia’s contact list is restricted and her calls are monitored.

Mrs. Obama said she is looking forward to when her daughters begin dating and getting ‘excited’ about meeting boys they like.

As for adding another child, perhaps a boy to the Obama household, Mrs. Obama quickly nipped that idea in the bud.

“There’ll be no other children in the White House.  I can officially make that announcement here,” she declared.