octavia spencer*Octavia Spencer is planning to step out on the scene this awards season in style.

She tells Essence.com that she’s not holding back and she’s feeling good, but she wont say what she’ll be wearing.

“I can tell you I will be very comfortable and I will feel very sexy with my body type.”

Speaking of her body type, Spence is no small woman. She’s been blessed with curves and whole lot of lovin’. So dressing may seem like a challenge, but she’s got it figured out by now.

“I always try to be comfortable in my body and dress for me. So if people don’t like it they can write about it, cry about it, but I’m gonna work it.”

The Oscars organizers make no promises, but Spencer is bound to get a nomination this year, especially after her outstanding performance in “The Help.”

But she can only wait in anticipation to find out if she’s on the list.

On the morning the Oscars are announced, she said:

“I hope I will be sleeping, but experiencing the last three nomination days, I know I won’t be getting much sleep,” she jokes. “I do know I won’t be tuning in. I know if I get a call it’s good news and if my phone doesn’t ring, it’s no news.”