O.J. Simpson's Florida Home

*The president of animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has asked bank officials in Florida to take over O.J. Simpson’s Florida home in order to convert it to a museum touting all things vegetarian.

Ingrid E. Newkirk has asked bankers at JPMorgan Chase for the keys to the Miami home once the foreclosure process is complete. The PETA boss hopes to turn the house into a Meat Is Murder Museum.

“Our museum will remind visitors that violence may not always be preventable but that it sometimes can be prevented and that non-violence begins on our plates,” Newkirk said in a letter to bankers this week, according to WENN. “For instance, many wonderful flesh-and-blood individuals, who feel pain and fear as acutely as humans do and who value their lives in much the same way, are knifed to death every day for nothing more than a fleeting taste of flesh. In slaughterhouses, chickens and turkeys have their throats slit, and frightened pigs and cattle are hung up by one leg, skinned, and dismembered.

“Simpson himself was once a spokesperson for and a franchise owner of two chicken restaurants, and he held a 50 percent ownership in eight HoneyBaked Ham stores.

“Rather than let this house sit vacant, let’s make it a center for non-violence.”