rashida jones and quincy jones*The Sundance Film Festival has been hopping with excitement, especially with premiere film “Celeste and Jesse Forever,” starring Rashida Jones. But critics and fans were hailing her father, Quincy Jones, nearly upstaging the actress at the reveal.

“He’s what he is and he will always be and has always been, way before I was here,” Jones said Saturday. “I feel lucky to hang out with him. And we’re different, too. People like us for different reasons.”

Her father was definitely supportive of his daughter’s first screenwriting effort, which explores relationships, marriage and it’s place in society.

According to Ms. Jones, the film was inspired by lots of pain and deep seeded emotions.

“We’re both very deeply feeling people, and we love to talk about relationships and love and feelings,” she said, speaking of her co-writer Will McCormack. “We like to be as inappropriate as possible when things are grave and difficult, so I think it probably came from that place. It also came from, as an actress, reading so many scripts, you kind of intrinsically absorb storytelling script structure into your being without even knowing it, and we wanted to try and tell this story.”