ray lewis*NFL superstar Ray Lewis admits he fathered an 11-year-old boy in Florida and he has NO problem supporting the child EXCEPT  he doesn’t want the mother to get her hands on the money. Hmm, What’s going on?

It seems Lewis is involved in an ongoing paternity case with a woman named Sharnika Kelly, reports TMZ. In court papers, Lewis acknowledges being the father, but the issue of support is slightly more contentious :

According to the docs, Lewis is hesitant to fork over money to Kelly because he says she has an outstanding judgment against her in a civil case … totaling over $1,000,000.

In the docs, Lewis says he has “grave concerns about the Mother’s character” and feels she’ll siphon off money meant for his son … either to pay off her debt or support her other child … not Ray’s.

Lewis is asking the court to establish a guardianship for his son to manage any support Lewis eventually pays.

The couple had a hearing scheduled for last month, but Lewis had to reschedule because he had a game in San Diego. The judge has yet to rule on his request.

To be continued …