red tails marquee*Civil rights activist Najee Ali, founder of Project Islamic HOPE announces plans to launch an entertainment diversity Initiative he says that’s designed to hold  Hollywood accountable for inclusion of minorities.

“With the overwhelming success of the movie Red Tails which brought in over $19 million dollars at the box office in its opening weekend, African Americans across the nation demonstrated that we have the collective buying power to effect change in the entertainment industry. We demonstrated that African Americans will come out support  quality dramatic African American theme movies and projects.”

He adds …

“Our organization will work with other advocacy groups and Hollywood insiders to create motion picture report cards on diversity  in The movie industry for 2012. We also will hold an entertainment diversity summit to help draw attention to the lack of diversity in the entertainment industry(in-front-of and behind  the camera).

“Our entertainment Diversity initiative is just a first but important step to to help increase quality  African American projects such as Red Tails”

For more info contact Najee Ali at Project Islamic HOPE (323-275-8219 / [email protected] /

najee ali

Najee Ali