Rihanna returns from her vacation in Hawaii at LAX in Los Angeles, CA on January 22, 2012

*Rihanna is making her TV debut producing and appearing in a new fashion project for the British network Sky Living later this year, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The singer will take the role of executive producer, working mostly behind the scenes, but will appear occasionally in the 10-part series that will be hosted by Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts. RiRi will help shape the show that will search Britain for the next generation of raw fashion talent  who will be challenged with creating outfits for a string of musicians and celebrities during the course of the series.

The winner will design an outfit for Rihanna to wear when she performs at the Wireless Festival in London in July.

The show is being developed for Sky by Warner Bros.-owned  Twenty Twenty Productions, which is part of the Shed Media group the studio acquired last year.

“I have been very fortunate to work with some truly amazing designers and stylists throughout my career, and they have been instrumental in making sure my creative vision reaches the stage,” said Rihanna in a statement. “I am excited to follow the journey of our aspiring contestants and see how their individuality influences their efforts during the course of the show.”