rihanna (thug life tats)*Rihanna, who reportedly at least 14 tattoos, added two more Wednesday night when paid a visit to her tat man, Mark Mahoney.

Natrally, being a Twitter fiend, she had to share her “#TATnight” as she called it, with the world:

The singer, 23, got the words “Thug Life” written on her knuckles, an homage to the late Tupac Shakur who was shot to death in 1996 when Rihanna was just an 8-year-old.

“All these bitches screaming that 2pac back #THUGLIFE,” Rihanna tweeted with the photo. “#RIHpac back!!!”

“All these [bleeps] screaming that 2pac back ♫ #THUGLIFE,” Rihanna tweeted, unveiling her first tattoo. In the image, Rihanna proudly displays her fists, the words “Thug Life” etched across her knuckles in pink. The words are an ode to rapper Tupac Shakur, who had them tattooed on his stomach. Shakur was killed in 1996, when Rihanna was just 8 years old.

But today RiRi found herself catching flack from some folks for associating herself with gangsta culture with the new tattoo. But if you know Miss Thang, you know she could care less.

“Err’body has an opinion, but yall know what yall can do with them!!!” Rihanna tweeted, before hinting she might go even farther next time. “I’m thinking I shoulda got a tear drop instead. Maybe next time.”